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Understanding Standard Window Tinting

Standard or traditional window tinting, also known as dyed window film, is the most basic form of tint available. It is a dyed film that darkens the shades of your automobile windows. This type of window tinting is widespread and is likely to be found in most local convenience stores around Chicago, Illinois. You may have come across labels such as VLT 5%, 25%, or even 50% on these films. VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, representing how much light the film allows to pass through. The percentage is inversely proportional to how dark your window appears. For instance, a 70% VLT window will be lighter than a 5% VLT window.

The concept of window tinting and its terminologies can be initially challenging to grasp. We offer an excellent blog post on window tint terminology to make it easier. Click here for a comprehensive guide on window tint terms.

One common misconception about window tinting is the belief that darker tints offer more protection. This isn’t entirely accurate as standard dyed window films block UVA and UVB rays but don’t hinder infrared radiation.

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The Importance of Blocking Infrared Light

A question that often arises is why it’s crucial for window film to block infrared light. While UV protection is important, an ideal automotive window tint should also provide infrared protection. This is especially relevant for Chicago, with its hot summers, as infrared radiation is responsible for the heat build-up inside a car when it’s left in the sun. This can not only damage your car’s interior, especially leather, but it also results in a blast of hot air when you open your car.

One downside of the basic dyed window tints is their longevity. Over time, most dyed films will begin to fade and turn purple, causing visibility and clarity issues. Even though the labor cost remains the same for installing lower or higher-quality tints, constantly replacing your window tints can add up. If longevity and performance matter to you, the added cost of ceramic window tint or carbon color stable tint is worth considering. Besides, most installers provide a lifetime warranty for these higher-quality tints.

The standard dyed window film has been around for a while, but advancements have led to higher-quality window tints. Carbon Color Stable Tint is a step up if you’re seeking practical heat rejection characteristics that don’t fade.

Carbon Color Stable Tint: A Step-Up

If you’re seeking better heat rejection, the Carbon Color Stable tint is an upgrade from dyed window film. This tint is superior in terms of heat rejection and protection. A key feature of Carbon color stable tint is its resistance to sun fading and discoloration. KAVACA carbon color stable blocks up to 70% of infrared heat and protects against 99.9% of UV rays.

For a window tint that offers maximum heat rejection and blocks even more infrared heat, ceramic window tint is your premium choice. It utilizes nano-ceramic technology, offering all the benefits of carbon color stable tint and more.

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Why Choose Ceramic Window Tint?

A ceramic tint is a popular option among vehicle owners due to its superior properties over-dyed window film. It offers the best UV and heat protection available today.

A primary benefit of a ceramic tint, such as KAVACA Ceramic IR, is its ability to block up to 99% of cancer-causing UVA and UVB radiation and filter 96% of infrared heat. Unlike dyed window film, ceramic window film has ceramic particles that refract IR rays in different directions, thus preventing them from penetrating the car’s cabin. This feature is beneficial, especially when you’re stuck in Chicago’s notorious traffic on a sunny day.

Ceramic window tint also offers more significant glare reduction than dyed films. The sun’s glare can hinder your visibility and lead to accidents. But with ceramic window tint, your car effectively has sunglasses, enhancing your driving safety.

Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth The Investment?

Indeed, it is. If you’re looking for durable, high-performance window tint, KAVACA ceramic tint is your best bet. It provides the longest lifespan and protects you and your passengers from common road hazards.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your car’s aesthetic or improve its cooling capabilities, KAVACA ceramic tint offers the durability and protection your vehicle needs.

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