Normal car washing and regular waxing with recommended polishes are all that is needed.
Installers go through an extensive training program to learn how to stretch and manipulate the material around hard lines and compound curves. Professional installation is required.​
Since the material is clear, every color imaginable is visible through the film allowing a virtually transparent installation.
The overall install average for an average job is 3 1/2 hours.
Barely. If you are standing in front of the vehicle you might be able to see the edge of the hood kit from a few feet away. Since the bumper is completely covered, the outer edge of the kit follows the outline of the bumper and is invisible.
Yes, the material has an adhesive strong enough to withstand soft cloth car washes. High pressure, wand-type, do-it-yourself washes are not recommended!
Some cars may show the top edge of the hood and fender pieces from approximately 2 feet away. Many colors hide the kit so well that you have to lean into the car to find it.
All critical areas that can get chipped by stones get covered. The most common are the leading 8” to 24” of the hood, fenders to match, and front bumper cover. Many people will add rocker panels and rear bumper. Can the film be removed or will it damage my factory paint? The material can be removed if damaged or if you plan on trading in your vehicle. It will not affect factory paint.
Your body shop can remove any damaged area, repaint that section, call us and we will reinstall that part. Most insurance companies also recognize the product!
The film has been known to last as long as 10 years without incident. Lack of washing, cleaning, and proper care will shorten the lifespan.
Gently wash the kit with soapy water and wipe using a sponge or microfiber rag along the edge and rinse away.
The paint protection film is semi-permanent. The adhesive has a strong tack so it can withstand many car washes but can be removed if needed.​
Tests have shown that some waxes with yellow or red dye will cause the film to turn yellow. Several years ago, new technology improved the UV inhibiters to prevent yellowing. White metallic cars can look yellow after a few weeks because of the gold/copper tint in the paint.
Yes, some kits are designed specifically to cover cars with graphic stripes (Dodge Challenger or new generation Camaros, for example).
Yes you can wax your vehicle. Maintaining the entire car enhances shine and beauty. Waxing the film removes airborne impurities that may be absorbed into the film.
3M warrants that Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film will be free of defects in materials and manufacture – including yellowing, bubbling, or cracking – for ten (10) years from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by misuse, accident, misapplication, or ordinary wear, not does it apply to dents caused by physical impact of rocks or road debris. Some installers may choose to offer, on their own behalf, different or additional warranties or remedies, beyond the warranty and limited remedies offered by 3M.
To make a claim under this warranty, simply contact us at Get'cha Clear Bra.