Road debris is inevitable and capable of causing significant damage to basically any surface facing toward the front and bottom of your car. Rocks, sand, salt, harsh weather, keys, hand rings, and even bug splatter can leave a deep scratch or chip in your paintwork.

The most obvious benefit of Clear Bra is the shield it provides for your car’s paint. Also known as paint protection film, the Clear Bra film is a plastic wrap that protects your car for a long time and is barely noticeable. Clear Bra is not brittle or susceptible to tears and cracks. It has a high resistance to impact, abrasion, and corrosion. The transparent film works without altering the appearance of the original paint job unlike older generations of vinyl clear bras.

Common everyday hazards that would normally damage any unprotected vehicle will only mark the clear bra, leaving the paintwork undamaged. With Clear Bra, you can be confident you won’t have to deal with various rock chips while driving or worry about bumper scuffs from street parking.
chips while driving or worry about bumper scuffs from street parking.

• Unrivaled chip, scratch & stain resistance
• Blocks UV rays to preserve clarity of paint
• Invisible finish to reveal clear & glossy paint
• Self-healing technology, making most scratches disappear
• Long-term paint protection
• Resistance to yellowing and fading of paintwork
• Tough, durable & maintenance free
• Cheaper than having to repaint

OUR CLEAR BRA: We are XPEL and 3M certified with a 10-year warranty.