Why tint your windows?

-Protection from the sun

For most people, car safety means seat belts and airbags.
There’s another important reason to stay out of harm’s way while on the road, though, and this reason is protecting your skin from the sun.

UV rays easily go through your car windows and moreover, research shows that UV damage is more extensive on the side of the body closer to the window. This is the reason long-time drivers have rougher, slacker, more wrinkled skin on their window side. Moreover, babies and young children, who have less protective skin pigment than adults, sit in the back where none of the glass (even the darker glass found in SUVs and minivans) offers adequate UVA protection.Learn more

Car window film adheres to your car’s glass, reducing UV exposure by as much as 99%. This protects the people inside of
your vehicle and reduces the heat absorbed by your car’s interior.

This is just one benefit of automotive window tint. In addition to filtering harmful UV rays, window tints are attractive, improving the overall look of your vehicle.

What’s more, window tint enhances the privacy of your vehicle and its occupants, making it harder for outsiders to see inside. This helps limit the risk of theft, as potential thieves are less likely to break into a car they cannot see inside of.