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Tesla Model 3 Paint Protection Film: Invisible Protection

When it comes to safeguarding the flawless paintwork of your Tesla Model 3, there’s no better choice than the Paint Protection Film Service offered by us at Unlimited Auto Style near Chicago. Our premium quality XPEL films not only enhance the visual appeal but also shield your car’s surface from daily wear and tear. With an almost invisible layer of protection, our films help maintain the sleek appearance of your Tesla Model 3.

Benefits of Paint protection film on Tesla Model 3

Applying a Paint Protection Film (PPF) on a Tesla Model 3 brings numerous benefits:

  1. Shields the delicate paint from common hazards like rock chips, road debris, and minor scratches.
  2. Preserves and enhances the vehicle’s aesthetics without altering its original look.
  3. Protects the paint from fading by blocking harmful UV rays.
  4. Helps maintain the car’s resale value by keeping the paint in pristine condition.

What are the available PPF packages for Tesla Model 3?

We offer a range of popular Paint Protection Film (PPF) packages , from partial to full protection, designed specifically for various Tesla models. Our packages are tailored to provide comprehensive protection and meet the specific needs of Tesla Model 3.

Partial PPF package


  • partial hood
  • full bumper
  • headlights
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Full Front End Package


  • full hood
  • full fenders
  • headlights
  • fog lights
  • front bumper
  • side mirrors
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Full Front End Plus+

Full vehicle PPF

**Also available in Xpel Stealth Film
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What type of PPF do we use for Tesla Model 3?

At Unlimited Auto Style, we trust XPEL products for our Paint Protection Film services, specifically tailored for Tesla Model 3.

Our preferred choice is XPEL Ultimate Plus, a self-healing PPF that offers a high gloss finish and heightened impact protection. It defends your Model 3 against everyday threats such as gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, and paint chips. With us, you can count on top-tier PPF application using XPEL products, ensuring excellent protection and a spectacular finish for your car.

How long will the installation take on a Model 3?

Installation of PPF on a Tesla Model 3 generally takes around 24 hours, whereas a complete car wrap may require up to 1 week. This period allows for thorough preparation, accurate application, and sufficient curing to deliver a seamless and long-lasting result. Our experienced team in Highland Park (Chicago), IL is dedicated to upholding high-quality standards and meticulous attention to detail, promising outstanding results for your Model 3.

What warranty do we offer for Tesla Model 3 paint protection films?

We extend a comprehensive 10-year warranty for all our Paint Protection Film (PPF) installations on Tesla Model 3. This warranty covers any material or workmanship defects, giving you assurance of the film’s durability and performance. Our aim is to provide long-lasting peace of mind to our customers and ensure their Model 3’s paint remains safeguarded for many years.

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Tesla Paint Protection Film – Gallery

red tesla Y PPF
Unlimited Auto Style Garage - Tesla PPF
whit tesla 3 PPF

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Tesla Charger

Planning a trip to our workshop? Rest assured, your Tesla Model 3’s battery life won’t be an issue. We’ve got it sorted! With a Tesla charger readily available at our location, your vehicle can easily recharge while we work on it. No need to fret over battery depletion or searching for a charging station elsewhere. We offer a complete solution to keep your mind at ease.

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