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XPEL is a renowned brand in the window tint industry, known for its sleek design and premium UV and heat protection features. Many vehicle owners prefer XPEL tints for their cars, but choosing between XPEL XR and XPEL XR Plus can be confusing. Both products offer similar fundamental features, so is it worth spending extra on the XR Plus? This article aims to answer that question by comparing the similarities and differences between these two window films.

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What are the similarities Between XPEL XR and XPEL XR Plus?

  1. Ceramic Particle Technology: Both Prime XR and Prime XR Plus use ceramic particle technology, making them more heat resistant than regular dyed and metalized window films.
  2. UV Ray Protection: Both films have an SPF rating of 1000, recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, and can reflect 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeping the car interior cool even on hot summer days.
  3. No Signal Interference: Both films allow unrestricted access to cellphone and radio signals, as they are engineered to reflect UV and infrared rays without stopping lower frequency mobile and radio signals.
  4. Glare Reduction: Both films have similar glare-reducing properties, reducing glare by 95%.

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What are the differences Between XPEL XR and XPEL XR Plus?

  1. Heat Repellent Properties: While XPEL XR does a good job of keeping heat outside, the XR Plus has a unique blend of nanoceramic particles that give it superior heat-repellent properties. The XR Plus has a higher infrared reflection rate and can reflect as much as 71% of solar energy, making it better at heat rejection.
  2. Clarity: The XR offers more color choices than the XR Prime, but the XR Prime allows superior light access despite having the same tint percentage, giving it the edge in terms of visibility.

The key differences between XPEL XR and XPEL XR Plus are the XR Plus’s superior visibility and heat reduction abilities. While the base XR film is a good deal for those who find the extra functionality of the XR Plus too nuanced, the XR Plus is worth the extra cost for those who frequently drive under sunny conditions and prefer better road visibility without reducing tint.